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Bed Headboard with Fast Access Handgun Compartments

What if you were awakened by the sound of someone breaking into your house in the middle of the night? This bed headboard features either 2 or 3 hidden compartments that can hold a handgun and present it ready for use in seconds. We won't reveal how it's operated here, but when needed, instant access is granted via a simple latch that releases the compartment. The pistol is held in the receiver and available just inches from your pillow.


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The Headboards

This headboard comes in five sizes to match your bed; Choose Twin or Full headboards with 2 hidden compartments or order a Queen, King or California King with 3 hidden compartments. Headboard











The Secret Compartments

The secret compartments are approximately 8" deep x 2" wide x 12" tall.


Each compartment can hold a pistol up to 9" in length in the bottom shelf. Each compartment also includes an adjustable or removable upper shelf for medications, ammo, electronic devices, small personal or intimate items, cash, jewelry or anything else you may want to store in it. When needed, release the hidden latch and the compartment pops opens granting the user access. You can open the compartment by feel in the dark.

Please Note: Covert Furniture reserves the right to modify the design, features or finishes of our products in order to make improvements and/or facilitate the manufacturing process. This furniture is not intended to serve as a gun safe. It's value is in it's covert nature. If anyone learns how to open the compartment, they will have access to what you place in it. Keyed locks are available on some items for an additional charge.

IMPORTANT: Covert Furniture cannot warranty the color consistency on wood products, due to naturally occurring variations in grain patterns, textures, and hardness. *Knotty pine, due to softness, is not warrantied against surface damage of any kind.



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