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Side Table with Handgun Storage

There you are, sitting in your front room when you hear a knock at your door. Who's there?

This side table can be placed in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want quick access to a firearm. It offers a standard drawer to hold household items. It also features two compartments that can hold a pistol or other small items on either side of the drawer. The compartments are accessed via two simple but very discreet latches. When needed, you'll have instant access to your weapons.

These compartments lock securely and are undetectable from the exterior.


Looks like a typical side table!

Place this side table next to your couch or chair and know that within seconds you can access your handgun or quickly hide something you don't want anyone to see. It looks and functions like a regular table with a single drawer, but when needed, a quick flick of your finger will open up one of the hidden side compartments. If you don't use a handgun, these are great compartments to store small personal items. You can hide medicines, papers, cash, credit cards, plastic containers, plastic bags, jewelry or a host of other personal effects.

Hidden Compartments

Each compartment latches securely when not in use. When the latch is deployed, the sides open. The space is approximately 6" x 15" x 2.25" and will hold most handguns diagonally.

Please Note: Covert Furniture reserves the right to modify the design, features or finishes of our products in order to make improvements and/or facilitate the manufacturing process. This furniture is not intended to serve as a gun safe. It's value is in it's covert nature. If anyone learns how to open the compartment, they will have access to what you place in it. Keyed locks are available on some items for an additional charge.

IMPORTANT: Covert Furniture cannot warranty the color consistency on wood products, due to naturally occurring variations in grain patterns, textures, and hardness. *Knotty pine, due to softness, is not warrantied against surface damage of any kind.



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